PC Smart Cleaner 1.0: Install PC Smart Cleaner Software to clean up your computer temporary files.

PC Smart Cleaner 1.0

Cleaner to enhance your system performance. With its easy user interface, you can delete all the temporary files, registry files, cookies, browsing history that is making your system crawl. PC Smart Cleaner performs Disk Optimization/Clean up, Disk Analyzer, Trash Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, Browser Optimization and system configuration by a single click. Security is always the biggest concern for any system user. If your system is not secured, it

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Registry Cleaner 1.2: Increase Performance Of Your Registry By 250% Just in Seconds

Registry Cleaner 1.2

Cleaner provides tidy and safe cleanup - You`d find very comfortable that you can choose the items you don`t want to remove - You`d feel belt up with ability to backup any changes, made to your system, because you could restore the items that were removed - You`d sense protected and confident with Registry Cleaner full time professional support That`s why Registry Cleaner is needed - it will scan and clean your system registry with the velocity of

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AthTek Registry Cleaner 2.0: Deeply scan and clean your PC to solve registry problems and system crashes.

AthTek Registry Cleaner 2.0

cleanup. If you are plagued by system errors, crashes and slow response speed, you can get the final solution from AthTek Registry Cleaner. The only thing you need to do is to scan and clean registry with several clicks, and then all the system problems will be removed instantly. It performs as a comprehensive system maintenance tool and can do more over the free registry cleaners can do. AthTek Registry Cleaner can help you to completely clean the

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Tipard Registry Cleaner 3.1.10: Powerful functions to speed up your PC and improve the performance of computer.

Tipard Registry Cleaner 3.1.10

system. Also it can clean traces of your online activities and record history to protect your privacy. Tipard Registry Cleaner, the privacy cleaner and shortcut cleaner, can scan your computer disk fastest and clean junk files. Also it can serves as system optimizer, which can adjust your registry parameters, optimize your Windows and speed up your system. Also this system manager provides you with many useful tools, such as IE Manager, Startup Manager

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Smart PC Optimizer 1.0: Computer tune up software, clean junk and registry make computer fast as new

Smart PC Optimizer 1.0

clean system junk, clean pc spam, improve computer performance speed.Download Smart PC Optimizer to optimize your PC and free up extra hard drive space to achieve a cleaner and faster system. This free computer maintenance software provides system optimization, registry optimizor, spam file cleanner. Keyfeature about PCLive Computer Tuneup 1.Smarstest,Smallest,Speedest 2.Easy to use, just one step to optimize registry, tune up computer system, one

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SB Cleaner Cleaner and Privacy Tools 2.5.0: SBCleaner Cleans & Protects your system and enhances system performance.

SB Cleaner Cleaner and Privacy Tools 2.5.0

cleaned. You simply develop a plug in. We have developed over 1050 predefined third party plug-ins for you. Our junk file module also works using plug-ins. You simply develop a plug in to add a new junk file type to clean. You can also develop your own VBScript and Power Shell scripts that SBCleaner can run. A sample of the features of SBCleaner: System and Application Cleaner Freespace Cleaner RAM Cleaner Junk File Cleaner Registry Cleaner Shredder

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Netbook Optimizer 1.0: Netbook Optimizer is a multi-functional & maintenance suite with one click care

Netbook Optimizer 1.0

system performance and maintain security in one go. The Netbook Care feature in it, gives you the flexibility to do so in a single click, evading the task of checking individual module to maintain system stability and integrity. Individual modules in Netbook Optimizer are categorized under four heads - Clean, Optimize, Protect and Maintain. The initial part covers Cleaning tools which include Registry and System Cleaners that cleans all garbage files

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System Tray Cleaner 3.7: Quickly and easily remove unwanted items from your Windows system tray.

System Tray Cleaner 3.7

System Tray Cleaner is a simple tool that helps you quickly and easily remove unwanted icons from your Windows system tray. The Windows system tray, also called the SysTray, is the lower-right corner of your screen, near the clock display, where Windows dumps some programs, most of the time programs which load during Windows startup. System Tray Cleaner will list all your system tray icon and identify which programs they belong to. Then, you can

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SBCleaner Free Edition 2.5.0: SBCleaner Cleans & Protects your system and enhances system performance.

SBCleaner Free Edition 2.5.0

Cleaner Free Edition is a tool that helps protect your system and enhances system performance. Overtime, your PC performance slows down. It takes longer for your system to boot and it may take longer to shutdown. SBCleaner will bring back hard-drive space and clean-up your history of activities, having your system running like new. SBCleaner will restore your hard-drives performance by removing JUNK files that are wasting space on your drive. SBCleaner

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Windows Repair Pro 2.0.1: An easy-to-use and best Windows-based PC optimization tool

Windows Repair Pro 2.0.1

System Optimizer: Acebyte Utilities Pro will greatly improve your system performance by optimizing Disk Cache, File System, Desktop&Menu and Internet with only one click. . * System Cleaner: Acebyte Utilities Pro can quickly speed up your computer by clearing registry errors, browsing histories, invalid information, temp files and emptying recycle bin.. * System Fixer: Acebyte Utilities Pro optimizes your system by repairing common system problems

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